Levi’s Make Our Mark

Mobile Site Development

Make Our Mark Campaign Poster

Photography by The Custom Family for Levi's

In September of 2013, artist Doug Aitken, in collaboration with Levi’s, invited the public to Make Our Mark. The Station to Station train departed Penn Station in NYC on a nomadic journey across America, with music makers, visual artists, writers, and thinkers on board.

The Station to Station train was equipped with tools for the modern frontier: A 1939 Graflex Speed Graphic and 1953 Bolex repurposed to post photos and video to Instagram, a 1901 Underwood No. 5 tailored for Twitter, and a 1953 Gibson ES-125 customized for Soundcloud.


Four collaborative art projects emerged from the contributions on board the Station to Station train as well as from social media, answering the questions: #Who Are You? What #Moves You? What's Your #Approach? What's Your #Dream?

The living art projects were curated by designer Cedric Kiefer, AKQA creative director Rei Inamoto, Google interactive developer Justin Windle, and artist/programmer David Kraftsow, and were available to view on makeourmark.levi.com.


Make Our Mark Desktop Site

Make Our Mark Desktop site

Make Our Mark Mobile Site

As a companion to the desktop site, a mobile-specific site was created to enable anyone to learn about and participate in the #MakeOurMark public art project from anywhere in the world.

Mobile Site Features

  • Localization for multiple locales
  • YouTube IFrame API
  • Launch to Instragram, Soundcloud, and Twitter
  • Media and analytics tracking

Mobile Front-End Web

  • HTML5, Compass SASS/CSS3
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • FlexSlider
  • Modernizr
  • Middleman

Selected Press for Levi's Make Our Mark

  • Communication Arts
  • Creative Review
  • Vice Magazine
  • Inhabitat
  • L├╝rzer's International Archive
  • Spin Magazine
  • Core77
  • Juxtapoz Magazine


  • Work performed on behalf of AKQA.
  • Client: Levi Strauss & Co.
  • June–September 2013.